Why Do I Need A Root Canal?

When decay begins to take hold in a person’s mouth, a rotting tooth can be the very rapid result. In order to be able to preserve the natural tooth, which is always the goal of every endodontist if at all possible, a root canal treatment may be the best line of defense. Unfortunately, many people think all root canals will end in discomfort, as they did for past generations. Therefore, they do not immediately get in touch with endodontics professionals such as Dr. Eisenhuth, and they often wind up living with intense pain or losing their teeth.

Instead of waiting to deal with the symptoms of tooth decay, it is critical to get in touch with Dr. Eisenhuth at the first sign that there may be a problem. Often, patients who finally complain when the symptoms get unbearable have waited too long to take advantage of a root canal to save their teeth. The key is to get diagnosed and treated early; that way, further surgical procedures may be avoided.

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Misconceptions About Root Canals

This may have once been true, but with advanced procedures and equipment, endodontists can perform root canals that are comfortable for the patient.
Even if the pain of a rotting tooth initially goes away, that merely means the nerve may have died inside the tooth. The decay will continue, and will cause greater problems down the road.
While an extraction may be necessary depending on how far along the tooth decay is, this type of procedure is a last step for Dr. Eisenhuth. Ideally, the natural tooth will be treated, filled with a tooth-colored material and sealed. If it remains a slightly different color than the teeth around it, veneers may be applied later by a trained prosthodontist.

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