Drive Home

Can I Drive Myself Home From This Procedure?

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When having any kind of medical procedure done, it’s important to plan ahead. How long will you need to pause your day-to-day life for this procedure? What is the down town time, and will you be able to drive yourself home? Before asking your significant other or roommate for a ride after your appointment, we’ve comprised a list of procedures…

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Orthognathic Surgery

What Can Orthognathic Surgery Do For Me?

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Many times, if there are issues with the alignment of your jaw, these problems can be fixed using braces. If that is not the case, as it is in many situations, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon might suggest corrective jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery. But what is orthognathic surgery, and what problems does it fix?

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Dry Mouth

4 Ways To Fix Dry Mouth

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As Spring quickly approaches, many people in Arizona are getting ready for our harsh summer climate. Back to a time of 110° weather, scattered haboobs, and what Arizona is best known for, our dry heat. Now while it is normal for our desert environment to be dry, our mouths should be a different story, however many people suffer from chronic…

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Correct Crooked Smile

3 Ways To Correct A Crooked Smile

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Lets face it: we all want a gorgeous smile, right? Having a straight smile is important to all of us for many reasons. Whether you’re born with perfect pearly whites (AKA none of us), or you have areas that could use a little improvement, there are many options to correct a crooked smile. Here at Dental Specialty Associates, we wanted…

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