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CEREC Crowns Versus Traditional Crowns

By November 11, 2019November 25th, 2019Technology
CEREC Crowns Versus

Dental care can be an important part of a first impression. Dental problems can be caused by a variety of different factors including luck. By placing an emphasis on proper oral care, mouths can both look and feel better. In addition to a potential cavity filling or regular teeth cleanings, some people may need dental crowns.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a “cap” shaped tooth that is placed over a problem tooth. It safely covers the original tooth to restore the shape and size. The crown, once properly fitted, covers the entire tooth. Dental crowns can greatly improve the appearance of one’s smile.

Why Is a Dental Crown Used?

Dental crowns are needed for different reasons. Some situations in which a crown may be necessary include problems with weakened teeth, a cracked or worn tooth or even discoloration. Depending on decay, lifestyle and genetics, dental crowns can and frequently are used by anyone.

Weakened teeth are a common occurrence for many people. Teeth can become weak because of genetic factors or from decay. Broken and cracked teeth can also become weakened over time. Misshapened teeth or teeth with severe discoloration can also benefit from dental crowns as it will enhance the appearance of the overall smile.

Traditional Crowns vs. CEREC Crowns

Dental crowns are not a new invention. They have been used to correct and modify teeth for many years with high success rates. Traditionally, dental crowns have required multiple visits to the dentist. With CEREC technology, dentists are now able to craft crowns in their own office.

Traditional dental crowns can properly repair teeth for years after visiting the dentist. Traditional crowns are a permanent solution for many different dental issues that can arise after root canals and other dental treatment. For people who simply do not have time to schedule two or three dental office visits for dental crowns, CEREC may be recommended as a solution.

CEREC crowns stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. With the use of computer-aided dentistry technology, dental restorations can be made adequately and in a timely manner. CEREC crowns can be created in as little as one dental appointment.

CEREC crowns are just as strong as traditional dental crowns. Although they take less time than traditional crowns, the quality is essentially the same. Through ceramic molding, CEREC is one of the strongest substances used for successful dental crowns. It’s known for its aesthetic ability to match crowns with the rest of the surrounding teeth beside it. Realistic tooth restoration is ideal for oral cosmetic treatment.

What Does A CEREC Appointment Look Like?

Before a dental crown is used, an initial dental exam must be performed. This exam will help determine the type of dental restoration that is needed for a patient’s oral care. Unlike a teeth cleaning appointment which can take an undisclosed amount of time depending on the patient, this exam is relatively straight-forward. An initial dental exam to assess the possibility of applying a dental crown is relatively short. After assessing the tooth’s damage, the proper treatment is decided. A dental crown may be the proper line of treatment, but if the damage isn’t severe, a filling may be preferable.

If a dental crown is found to be necessary, a dentist will numb the affected tooth to remove any possible decay. Worn, old fillings that are no longer adequate for the patient, will be removed if they are indeed unnecessary. Next, the dentist will prepare the enamel to begin a proper restoration.

Before making the restoration, a CAD/CAM system requires a 3D impression of the patient’s teeth. Using a digital camera, the dentist will scan the patient’s mouth to provide accurate imaging results. Once the CEREC software processes those images, they are converted into a model of the mouth. This is the model that is used to design a successful restoration for the affected tooth.

Once a dentist chooses the tooth color that best matches the rest of the patient’s mouth, a block of quality porcelain is chosen for the dental crown. The CEREC uses a milling unit can help sculpt the actual block of porcelain into the proper shape of the tooth. The tooth is then polished and placed specifically onto the worn or decayed original tooth.


There are many benefits to using dental crowns. Both types of crowns help cosmetic concerns surrounding tooth decay, discoloration and worn down enamel. In addition to the benefits of a regular dental crown, CEREC dental crowns can be done in just one appointment. CEREC dental crowns do not require uncomfortable impressions used from dental putty. In general, an average CEREC appointment lasts approximately 2 hours.

Either dental crown used will greatly impact your smile for the better. Oral health can inspire confidence in many areas of life.

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