Insurance is a great tool to utilize when it comes to maintaining financial stability and your health, however insurance can be difficult to understand. Dental insurance can be a whole other beast of its own. Many people assume that you can use them interchangeably, but often they work entirely differently. This article will help you understand your dental insurance a bit better so you can be better prepared for your next dentist appointment.

It’s best to tag team your insurance
Most dental offices have treatment coordinators to give you the most accurate estimate for any type of service or procedure you may be needing, however you may receive an unexpected “denial for coverage”. These surprise bills are not ideal for anyone, but this is a great time to work with your dental office to go through your Explanation of Benefits(EOB). Many times the insurance company has simply processed the claim incorrectly.

Dental insurance is preventative focused
Generic health insurance copays and out of pockets can often deter people from making regular check ups with their physicians. Dental insurance works differently though. Restorative and intense procedures are met with higher out of pockets, so it’s important to keep up on your regular visits.

Dental Insurance benefits do not roll over
Most plans will have a set amount of benefits for the year, so when fall hits, it’s a good idea to consult with your remaining balance and make an appointment with your dentist to use them up.

Many dental insurance companies will “down code” you
It’s important to understand exactly what your insurance will cover, because a lot of times they will only cover a service if a cheaper product is used. They will downgrade your service without you knowing so you’re left with an “upcharge”. 

File an appeal
Every insurance has an appeal process. If you disagree with the outcome of your insurance’s decision, then you should work with your dental office to put together an appeal. Be sure to document everything throughout your process.

At the end of the day our health is the absolute priority. You should never put off services because of financial burdens. Payment plans are also an option if you’re left with an unexpected out-of-pocket. Take advantage of your dental office, oftentimes they are the biggest advocate for you!

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