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Our New Chat Feature & Its Benefits

By December 22, 2018January 25th, 2019Blog
Chat Feature

If you have been on our website recently, you will notice a small box pop up in the bottom right corner. Find out more about what this chat feature can provide you in this weeks blog post!

Our new feature is making communication with us happen much quicker for out patients!

The chat box can help you set up your appointment at our practice, provide information about our practices and their locations, assist in finding you information on our website, and also tell you about new events, and tell you more about our discounts and specials happening at the moment.

Sound interesting?

Give this chat feature a try!

For all other questions, or to speak to a member of our experiences staff, call us today at 602.795.5995!

Dental Specialty Associates

Dental Specialty Associates

Dental Specialty Associates is unique among dental providers, because we have a variety of specialty dentists on our team. This eliminates the need to “shop around” for dental providers. No matter what type of dental work you need, our trained experts are at your service.