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We are always accepting new patients. Your referrals are the greatest compliment.

  • Referring Doctor's Information

  • Patient Information

Your Referral’s First Visit

During your referral’s first visit to Dental Specialty Associates, they can expect to be asked a number of questions about their dental and overall health history and problems. To make their visit as productive and efficient as possible, please have them bring the following information:

  • Any health or dental insurance cards they may have.
  • Any x-rays they have been given.
  • A complete list of medications they are currently taking.
  • Any referral slips from other healthcare providers.
  • A credit (we take all major credit cards) or debit card.

Our Philosophy of Care

During your referral’s initial visit, they may have many questions to ask of the professionals on our team. We have found that it helps for them to write the questions down before they get to our office. That way, they will not forget during the appointment. Of course, if they have pressing issues before or after a surgical procedure, we encourage them to call us immediately.

Dental Specialty Associates believes that your referral’s dental health should be our highest concern. Our specialists have trained for years, and continue to stay abreast on the cutting-edge of dental technologies. We promise to serve your referral to the best of our capability, and will always keep their comfort, safety and outcome our priority.