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About Teeth In A Day Phoenix Gilbert AZ

About Teeth In A Day

This is a type of accelerated tooth implant procedure. Instead of placing an individual implant tooth for each one that is missing, four specially placed implant posts are positioned within the jawbone at strategic points. The posts, typically made of a metal called titanium, are often placed at a certain angle to make the most of the available bone. Over time, these posts integrate with the jawbone and become part of it, acting to anchor the tooth firmly in place, just like the natural tooth root once did.

How is Teeth in a Day Different?

With a traditional implant, the post is placed first. A healing period of several months must elapse before the final placement of the permanent artificial tooth. But Teeth in a Day allows the same-day placement of temporary teeth that function quite well during the initial healing period. The presence of the titanium posts stimulates the cells in the jawbone to produce new bone, fusing the post to the existing bone.

This process is called osseointegration, and it takes place over a time period of at least several months. When the osseointegration is complete, your permanent set of teeth will be placed. The teeth are personalized and fitted just for you by using precise measurements and technology. They look, function and feel just like your natural teeth once did.


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The Best Procedure Candidate

The best candidates for Teeth in a Day have sufficient bone structure to support the posts, healthy gums, are a non-smoker and are generally in good health. Certain health conditions, such as diabetes, may cause concerns for proper healing and may be a possible contraindication. Smoking can also affect the healing process, making you a poor candidate for this procedure. Only your dentist or oral surgeon can tell you if Teeth in a Day is appropriate for you.

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Basic Process

To begin the process, your dentist will take a careful health history and then take a series of special 3D images of your mouth. This will reveal the condition and amount of the bone in your jaw. It also allows your dentist to see the best place to place the titanium posts.

The next step is extraction of your affected teeth. You will have a choice of sedation methods to ensure your comfort. In many cases, your temporary teeth can be placed that day. You will return a few months later for the permanent teeth, but in the meantime you have the look and function, within certain limits of course, of natural teeth. Recovery time is typically brief and entails minimal discomfort.

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