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Holiday Foods Your Dentist Disapproves Of

By December 14, 2018January 25th, 2019Blog
Holiday Foods

The holiday season is a time of celebration, with sweet treats and candy galore. However, your mouth wont be celebrating all of the sugar afterwards! Find out the holiday foods our dentists warn you of over consuming here:

Candy Canes

Not only are candy canes chock full of sugar, but their hard exterior poses a chipping threat to your enamel.


Coffee has great energizing benefits, but can stain your teeth and limits your saliva flow.

Egg Nog

Egg nog can reach havoc on your breath, and contains loads of sugar.

Hot Cocoa

Similar to egg nog, hot cocoa is very sugary, which can lead to tooth decay

Chewy Candies

Chewy candies can loosen dental crowns or bridges, which can be expensive to repair.

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