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The Different Kinds Of Teeth You Have

By May 16, 2018 January 25th, 2019 Oral Health
Kinds of Teeth

In the last blog post, we discussed all of the similarities that teeth have anatomically. But did you know there are many different kinds of teeth in your mouth? Here’s their classifications, starting from back to front:


Your four front teeth and your four front lower teeth are your incisors. These teeth should be slightly sharp at the bottom, and are typically used for biting through and cutting food.


These are your “vampire teeth” – The sharp and pointy teeth you find next to your incisors. These teeth are used to tear through food.


Also known as bicuspids, these teeth have two customers on their top, which are used to chew, tear, and crush food.


Molars are your back most teeth, the ones that you have to spend a little more effort reaching back for when brushing! These teeth have flatter services then premolars, and are used to grind and chew food.

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