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Why Tooth Extraction?

When a natural tooth can no longer be kept in place due to advanced decay, cracks or other reasons, an extraction may be indicated. During this process, the oral surgeon will use an anesthetic to make certain the patient is comfortable. After the tooth extraction site has healed, the patient may be referred to a prosthodontist at our Phoenix or Gilbert location for dental implants.

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It can be intimidating. It can provoke anxiety. It can even be scary. For most people getting oral surgery is a daunting prospect. We don’t want to downplay that: That’s a normal reaction. It’s perfectly natural to have some anxiety at the thought of having surgery performed on your mouth.

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Dentistry became more commonplace over time, but its professionals came from a different industry altogether. The first dentists were barbers! In Europe barbers didn’t just cut hair, they also did tooth extractions. Much of the knowledge and methods of these “barber-surgeons” became more widespread after 1575. This is when Ambrose Pare publishes his Complete Works. Known as the Father of Surgery, Pare’s book contains all kinds of practical information about tooth extractions, treating tooth decay and how to fix jaw fractures.

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Tooth Extraction News

Eat Tooth Extraction

What You Can & Cannot Eat After A Tooth Extraction

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We won't lie - having a tooth removed can sometimes be painful, and make basic day to day tasks harder to do than normal. This is especially true for eating. It will be difficult to enjoy what you're used to eating - drinking as well. That is why we here at Dental Specialty Associates, compiled a…
Dry Socket

What Is A Dry Socket & How Do I Avoid One?

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We all have heard about the possibility of a dry socket after a wisdom tooth extraction. Along with the rewards of removal, there are also a very small number of risks - a dry socket being one of them. Did you know, however, the dry sockets only occur in less than 5% of all tooth extraction…
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

What To Expect From A Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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There comes a point in everyone's life where their wisdom teeth need to be assessed. Will the growth of my wisdom teeth impact my other teeth? Will my wisdom teeth grow in at all? A lot of these questions are left up to your dentist’s discretion, but if you're like the majority of us, it…