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Why Choose Us?

Decades of experience. Multiple specialties. One location. We can treat all of your dental needs in one convenient location.

Why Dental Specialty Associates?

Have you been unhappy with dental care providers in the past? Did you feel they were not listening to your needs or were not able to successfully provide you with the treatment options you wanted? You are not alone. Millions of people around the nation avoid going to any kind of dental professional because they feel they cannot find a place that will exceed their expectations.

The good news is that Dental Specialty Associates will.

Besides regular cleanings I have had a tooth removed, crown and implant. It is great being able to do this at one place.



  • Successful completion of over 1000+ surgeries
  • Our prosthetic team has a reputation for success
  • We utilize the most advanced technologies
  • We offer flexible financing options
  • All your dental needs in one convenient location

Leading Dental Care

Dental Specialty Associates is unique among Phoenix dental providers, because we have several different specialists on our team. This eliminates the need to “shop around” for dental providers. No matter what type of dental work you need, our trained experts are at your service.

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