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Wisdom Teeth Removal In Phoenix & Gilbert, AZ

We’re here for you when you need wisdom teeth removed. Questions, answers, process, recovery.

About Wisdom Teeth Removal

There comes a point in everyone’s life where their wisdom teeth need to be assessed. Will the growth of my wisdom teeth impact my other teeth? Will my wisdom teeth grow in at all? A lot of these questions are left up to your dentist’s discretion, but if you’re like the majority of us, it is likely you will need to have them removed. So what does that process look like? What happens when I get my wisdom teeth removed, and why do so many people have this procedure done?

Why Would You Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Since wisdom teeth are the last to grow in, there’s typically very little room left for them in the back of your mouth, which can lead to many problems. With little space, wisdom teeth can get stuck or grow in crooked, which can lead to infection and lots of pain. Wisdom teeth removal will also prevent your back teeth from becoming crowded, and can also help you avoid serious damage like tooth decay and gum disease.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Extraction Process

The actual extraction of the wisdom teeth is fairly simple. So simple in fact, that it can often be done at your dentist’s office. More difficult extractions can be performed comfortably by an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon who may recommend IV sedation to assist your comfort. Your doctor will give you a local anesthetic to numb the area, to ensure the process is pain free. Then to remove the tooth, your dentist will open the gum tissue over the tooth and take out any tissue or bone that is holding the tooth in place. The tooth will then be extracted once all connection to the bone is broken. Afterwards, a few dissolvable stitches will be placed if needed that will reconnect the gums, and gauze will be placed over the incision to help with any bleeding.

Recovery Time

When the surgery is over, typically the recovery time lasts a few days. It is very normal to experience some discomfort and some swelling for a period of time after your surgery. Making sure that you utilize ice on the outside of your cheek after the procedure will greatly impact the amount of swelling you see, and biting gently on gauze pads can aid in managing the bleeding. Antibiotics and painkillers will be prescribed by your dentist, and as long as those are taken responsibly and on time, will greatly help your recovery process as well.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

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